JULIE MIMRAN is a French artist painter born in Paris in 1979.

Passionate of manual labor since her youth, she completes her first canvas at age 7.

Following her baccalaureate in Economics, Julie studies the “design product” at the CREAPOLE, ESDI School where she is granted several awards for her work during a contest of international renown.  It is at that period of time that she discovers working with plastics, resins, and wood and the techniques such as computer graphics.  Since then, there would be no denying her passion for materials.

After her studies, Julie Mimran leaves to discover new horizons sharpening her sensitivity during her travels….

Her themes and fondness are the timeless icons of fashion, the movies and sports, the legends of our collective imaginations but also cult film figures.

It is natural that she begins to create with a technique mastered by her emotions…

Painting, the master of her work, aligned with collages as well as astounding materials such as pearls,  resins, stones or again plastics  emphasize the mixture between past and modern very characteristic of her work.

Word of mouth became a formidable accelerator for her career and allowed her to make a clientele of celebrities and influential international personalities for which she created portraits based on demand.

Among her clients we can cite the following:  BONO (U2),ALFONSO CUARON, and also sports figures such as TONY PARKER, Marcel DESAILLY, and many others.

The works of Julie Mimran are henceforth part of private collections all over the world.   She is today more and more sought after and exposes in prestigious French galleries with international renown.  Her work is also exposed in other European countries, the Middle East and the United States.

The interest for this young artist does not diminish and her creativity calls on a professional as well as a novice public.  Her artistic suggestion marks her time by its innovative, unexpected, shocking and simultaneous unmeasured aspect.